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  • Institutions and other bodies of the European Union (Belgium, Brussels)
  • FAIB (Brussels), Federation of European and International Associations established in Belgium


Translation of all types of documents, texts and websites, in numerous fields

  • French
  • English
  • Dutch
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • other European languages

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High quality professional translation for:

  • businesses
  • institutions
  • individuals

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Skilled and professional translator-interpreters for all types of interpreting:

  • simultaneous
  • consecutive
  • whispered

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  • Transcription and typing
  • Note-taking and recording of minutes

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of the translation office:

  • Member states of the European Union, Belgium, France, the United Kingdom, Holland, Luxembourg and Germany, among others.
  • Switzerland, the United States, Canada

Traductions Gérard: Your Partner in Multilingual Communication

In the age of globalisation, multilingualism has become an absolute necessity. To be powerful, all communication must be re-written in several languages. Monolingual expression is not enough if you want to navigate international waters, but who among us can boast complete multilingualism? In order to make yourself fully understood and rest assured that your message will be conveyed appropriately, you will naturally need some help. And that's precisely where we come in.

As our logo suggests, our agency specialises in European language communication, and more precisely, with the translation, interpreting and editorial services associated with it.


Would you like to procure a high quality translation of your written documents or your website? Specialists in numerous fields, we professionally translate the most widely spoken European languages.

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Are you hoping to organise a multilingual event and need an interpreting service? Our professional interpreters will lend you their skills, whether this be for simultaneous, consecutive or whispered interpreting.

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Editorial Services

Do you want to take accurate minutes for an assembly meeting? However important your event is, our specialists will take care of the note-taking and report writing in an impartial manner.

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